Thursday 11th October 2012
A Kick(starter) to the Dredd!
It's now the final few days of the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarte, Earthlets - and 'stretch goals' have been dropping left, right and centre! Now there's two new sets that should have you reaching for your payment details! The Citi-Def Squad set already includes Medic, Office... [read on]
Wednesday 10th October 2012
Get the point?
Do you have a point? Well Prog 1804 does – he’s on the cover! Cliff Robinson brings Simon Spurrier’s punmaster, Jack Point, to the front of today’s new Prog as the undercover Judge switches to 2000 AD from the Megazine. SIMPING DETECTIVE: JOKERS TO THE RIGHT, with art by... [read on]
Thursday 4th October 2012
Big Thrills for the Big Apple!
Tharg’s minions are all geared up for New York Comic Con, taking place from October 11th to 14th at the Javits Centre in New York. With the DREDD movie still burning out Thrill-receptors across the world, the booth will be piled high with the latest graphic novels from the Gal... [read on]
Thursday 27th September 2012
Block War: The Game
Ever wanted to do battle on the streets of Mega-City One? Now’s your chance, with the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarter! Whether you’re a Dredd fan or a gamer, you could be part of this exciting new development of the Judge Dredd miniatures game – creating new ... [read on]
Wednesday 26th September 2012
Wanna Confess?
On UK shelves, online, and in our iOS app – this is 2000 AD Prog 1802, have you got something you want to confess, citizen? The steely glare of Dredd stares out from this latest Prog, which lands today, and Dolman is settling his differences with the Marines in JUDGE ... [read on]
Friday 21st September 2012
D-Day for North America!
Today’s the day, Earthlets! After smashing the UK, DREDD 3D is now debuting on movie screens across North America! Already a #1 hit in the UK on its opening weekend (and the first 18-certificate film to top the charts for two years!), DREDD... [read on]
Wednesday 19th September 2012
Green Death on the Red Planet!
The ABC Warriors are kicking Martian backside and taking names in a stunning wraparound cover from series artist Clint Langley as Prog 1801 hits UK stores and online TODAY, Earthlets! In ABC WARRIORS: RETURN TO EARTH by Pat Mills and Clint Langley, the warriors are reunited on ... [read on]
Friday 14th September 2012
As easy as ABC
In this week’s 2000 AD Prog 1800, the A.B.C. Warriors return to the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest, in their new thrill: “Return to Earth.” War droids created for a conflict that ended centuries ago, the A.B.C. Warri... [read on]
Thursday 13th September 2012
She is the Law!
Just in case you have managed to miss the news, DREDD 3D is the #1 movie in the UK and is preparing to storm theatres in America and worldwide September 21st! Squaxx dek Thargo and critics alike are raving about this action masterpiece. Aside from Old... [read on]
Wednesday 12th September 2012
This is 2000 AD!
For 35 years, 2000 AD has been the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and there’s never been a better time to jump on board than Prog 1800 – out today! This Prog (short for ‘Programme’) comes with a perp-busting cover by superstar artist Simon Bisley, wh... [read on]