Wednesday 20th January 2016
Pinball Dredd!
The 1993 Judge Dredd™ pinball table created by Bally is now available as part of the Pinball Arcade's collection of the best pinball tables of all time! You can download the Pinball Arcade for free and play Judge Dredd now on iOS, Steam (Mac/Windows), Mac Ap... [read on]
Tuesday 19th January 2016
The 2000 AD ABC: Big Dave
Not for the faint-hearted, the latest episode of our bite-size video series, the 2000 AD ABC, is on the self-proclaimed “'ardest man in Manchester” - Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, and Steve Parkhouse's BIG DAVE! Whether they thought it was a searing satire... [read on]
Friday 15th January 2016
Judge Dredd is The Righteous Man
The latest Judge Dredd ebook prose novella from Abaddon Books and 2000 AD sees writer Michael Carroll go back to Dredd’s early days and the aftermath of one of the most difficult decisions he ever had to make… The revelation that not only did Judge Dredd... [read on]
Friday 15th January 2016
The 2000 AD podcast breaks into 2016
It's the first 2000 AD Thrill-Cast of 2016 and, as always with the Comic of the Future, we're looking ahead - what exciting new series are coming up in the pages of the 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine? We have writers Michael Carroll and Ian Edginton to whet your appetites f... [read on]
Thursday 14th January 2016
DREDD on Netflix? Fan campaign calls on TV firms to pick up franchise
The fans behind the ‘Make A DREDD Sequel’ campaign for a follow-up to the 2012 movie starring Karl Urban are calling on TV producers to pick up the franchise. Superfans Frank Palmer and Brian Ritchie are calling their campaign ‘Bring Back DREDD&rsqu... [read on]
Friday 8th January 2016
Realm of the Damned
The world will not end with a bang, but rather with a vicious chord – The Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos is coming to the Judge Dredd Megazine! The new Black Metal-infused gothic horror series, written by Alec Worley and drawn by Simon “Pye” Pa... [read on]
Tuesday 22nd December 2015
FCBD 2016
Diamond have announced that 2000 AD WILL be now be participating in Free Comic Book Day. The 2000 AD FCBD edition will be a hefty 48 pages of thrill-drenched science fiction from Britain's greatest comic and will include exclusive new stories, digital strips, and a d... [read on]
Wednesday 16th December 2015
The Mighty MykFlex returns to 2000 AD
Merry Christmas, Earthlets! The bumper 100-page end-of-year 2000 AD Prog 1961 is now on shelves and available digitally, with NINE zarjaz stories to give you an alternative feast over the festive period! One of these Thrills, 'The Mighty MykFlex', is penned by Martin... [read on]
Wednesday 16th December 2015
Trojans, Celts & body counts in Slaine: Primordial!
The second volume of one of the most beautifully painted titles in comics today is to be released in January from 2000 AD. The hardcover of Sláine – The Brutania Chronicles Volume 2: Primordial will hit UK book and comic book stores on 14th January.... [read on]
Tuesday 15th December 2015
Judge Dredd digs up trouble in Dead Zone
When plunder turns to murder in mines tunnelling into mass burial pits, Judge Dredd discovers that sometimes what the dead take to their graves should stay buried! Following the critically-acclaimed mega-epic Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos, Judge Dredd: Dead Zone is the l... [read on]