Wanna Confess?
Wanna Confess?
"Judge Dredd roots out guilty consciences as Prog 1802 lands!"
On UK shelves, online, and in our iOS app – this is 2000 AD Prog 1802, have you got something you want to confess, citizen?

The steely glare of Dredd stares out from this latest Prog, which lands today, and Dolman is settling his differences with the Marines in JUDGE DREDD: PAYBACK by Michael Carroll and PJ Holden.

Cadwallader meets a fiery end in BRASS SUN: THE WHEEL OF WORLDS by Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard, while Hammerstein heads back to the mother planet in ABC WARRIORS: RETURN TO EARTH  by Pat Mills and with glorious old school hand-drawn art by Clint Langley. Diplomatic immunity gets pushed to its limit over tea and biscuits in GREY AREA: THIS ISLAND EARTH Dan Abnett and Lee Carter, while Bob Byrne returns to 2000 AD with another of his TWISTED TALES!

And after an unfortunate production error (for which the droid in question has been melted down and turned into colostomy fittings), Tharg the Generous is giving you a
FREE download of last week’s episode of Judge Dredd: Payback by Michael Carroll and PJ Holden!

Prog 1802, now available worldwide – we’re too good to you, Earthlets, we really are…

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 26th September 2012