Resistance is futile
Resistance is futile
"Abnett and MacNeil’s ‘Judge Dredd meets Warhammer 40,000’ collection hits stores"
In the world of futuristic lawman Judge Dredd, distant planets are mined for their minerals and the spoils sent back to Mega-City One.

In Insurrection, after repelling an alien invasion only by emancipating the vast workforce of genetically-modified apes and robots, the judges in charge of Mining Colony K-Alpha 61 are ordered to strip them of their hard-won status.

They refuse. And Mining Colony K-Alpha 61 becomes Liberty – a solitary beacon of freedom for all life forms.

But the judges of Mega-City One will not tolerate rebellion. The Special Judicial Squad, the internal police force of the judges, send an armada to crush the fledgling democracy before its corruption spreads throughout the colonies!

Writer Dan Abnett has created a solar-system-spanning saga about the nature of freedom, and the terrible price that sometimes must be paid for it.

Combining his well-known work for 2000 AD and the Warhammer 40,000 franchise, Abnett’s blisteringly-paced writing is complimented by fellow Warhammer contributor, Colin MacNeil, whose painted monochrome art brings alive the harsh sci-fi landscapes of alien mining colonies and the grim reality of fighting against insurmountable odds.

Out on 8th December ISBN 978-1-907992-49-0 £13.99

Michael Molcher

Friday 25th November 2011