1666 and all that
1666 and all that
"Discounted Defoe defeats death’s dark denizens!"
On the eighth day of Christmas, Tharg the Mighty gave to me... a London crawling with zombies and only one man can save the capital from the undead!

London, 1669. It has been three years since a passing comet caused the Great Fire and birthed the flesh-hungry undead hordes who roam the city. Now warriors like Titus Defoe and his elite squad of zombie hunters battle the ‘Reeks’ in an attempt to save the populace from a fate worse than death.

Armed with the best weapons that Sir Isaac can provide, the ‘Dirty Dozenne’ must stop La Voisin, the Queen of the Zombies, and defend the Tower of London from an invading army of the undead, a hungry crocodile and a blood thirsty Seraph!

Written by Pat Mills (Nemesis the Warlock, Flesh) with art by Leigh Gallagher (Judge Dredd), this tale of 17th century zombie-slaying is not to be missed.

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Michael Molcher

Wednesday 19th December 2012