"Flesh returns for new series as Prog 1774 hits newsstands!"
Keep movin', movin', movin', though they're disapprovin', keep them dinos movin' – Roarhide!!

What’s that rumbling? It’s the triumphant return of Flesh to 2000 AD! Prog 1774, hitting newsstands in the UK today! It’s good ol’ fashioned prehistoric cattle rustling in Flesh: Midnight Cowboys by Pat Mills and James McKay – but the dino-stock want to try a new diet!

In Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos by John Wagner and Henry Flint, the Sovs make it personal as they take aim their attack at a potent symbol of Justice Department’s authority.

In Age of the Wolf: She is Legend by Alec Worley and Jon Davis-Hunt, the wolves are getting smarter, and Rowan and her party are caught unexpectedly by the pack!

In Grey Area by Dan Abnett and Lee Carter, the Neonazi Fascist Xenophobes want earth alien-free and one of the ETC team appears to be their man on the inside.

And in The Wedding of Jen Makarov by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser, can Flintlock and Spatch really be the heroes of the battle? Stranger things could happen…

Prog 1774. £2.35 or the hide of a Xenotarsosaurus to you, guv.

Michael Molcher

Thursday 15th March 2012