Get the point?
Get the point?
"Jack’s back as Prog 1804 goes on sale today!"
Do you have a point? Well Prog 1804 does – he’s on the cover!

Cliff Robinson brings Simon Spurrier’s punmaster, Jack Point, to the front of today’s new Prog as the undercover Judge switches to 2000 AD from the Megazine. SIMPING DETECTIVE: JOKERS TO THE RIGHT, with art by Simon Coleby, begins this Prog – available now in UK stores, online, and through the 2000 AD iOs app!

Elsewhere, Eric Weller is just an ordinary Joe trying to make ends meet in the Big Meg. But does he harbour a deadly secret? JUDGE DREDD: ASLEEP by Rob Williams and Mark Harrison begins. Wren rides the rails in BRASS SUN: THE WHEEL OF WORLDS Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard, while Hammerstein puts the mission at jeopardy as he tries to save his warrior comrades in ABC WARRIORS: RETURN TO EARTH Pat Mills and Clint Langley. And the conclusion of GREY AREA: THIS ISLAND EARTH by Dan Abnett and Lee Carter sees the ETC question the deadlier repercussions of welcoming extraterritorial visitors with open arms.

Prog 1804, available in UK stores, online, and through the 2000 AD iOs app. D’ya get our point, Earthlets?

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 10th October 2012