Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Every master has his apprenticeship...
Before Watchmen, before V for Vendetta and before From Hell – the earliest works of the master of the comic book form, Alan Moore, are being brought together in a brand new collection. The most famous and celebrated writer in contemporary comics, Moore’s work redefined comic... [read on]
Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Black Hawk
From ancient Rome to outer space: the adventures of one of the first, and certainly the most unique, black lead characters in British comic books is being collected for the first time. Black Hawk was a Nubian slave who rose up against his Roman masters, only for... [read on]
Wednesday 2nd November 2011
It’s yet another Prog Day, earthlets – form an orderly queue as Tharg the Mighty dishes out the Thrill-powered treats! Mass murdering mastermind PJ Maybe has kidnapped mayoral wannabe Tony Blore and has … very special plans for him in this week’s ‘Judge Dredd: Day of C... [read on]
Wednesday 26th October 2011
Flight of Angels
Praise be to Tharg the Mighty, earthlets – your seven day thrill-power fast is now at an end as Prog 1757 hits UK stores. Things are heating up in ‘Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos’ by John Wagner and Henry Flint, when PJ Maybe puts the electoral candidates in th... [read on]
Tuesday 25th October 2011
Legends of the law
2000 AD® has launched its first ebook collection of interviews with some of the biggest names in the comic book industry. This first collection includes a three-part interview with the co-creator of Judge Dredd, Carlos Ezquerra, as well as p... [read on]
Thursday 20th October 2011
Bubble, bubble, toil and zombie trouble!
The City of London. 1644. It has been three years since a passing comet caused the Great Fire and birthed the flesh-hungry undead hordes who roam the city and prey on the living. Titus Defoe is a former ‘Leveller’ radical who once fought against the Crown, but he now dispatc... [read on]
Wednesday 12th October 2011
A Loaded Magazine!
Five high-explosive slugs of organ-rupturing Thrill-power, Prog 1755 powers into stores today like a bullet from a Lawgiver. ‘Day of Chaos’ continues for Judge Dredd, courtesy of John Wagner and Henry Flint, as the mayoral elections rumble closer and PJ Mayb... [read on]
Tuesday 11th October 2011
Great stories come in small packages
One of the greatest Judge Dredd stories ever told in the pages of 2000 AD® is being repackaged – but even a pocket-sized judge still packs a punch! With the 35th anniversary of Dredd’s first appearance taking place in the same year that Karl Urban is set to bring the Law... [read on]
Monday 10th October 2011
2000 AD comes to NYCC!
2000 AD is coming to the New York Comic Con – can the Big Apple stand this much thrill-power?! New York Comic Con takes place from Thursday October 13 to Sunday October 16 at the Jacob Javits Center on Eleventh Avenue, between 34th and 38th streets in New York. Come by Booth 1... [read on]
Thursday 6th October 2011
2000 AD now available - WEEKLY - in North America!
It’s been a weekly comic for almost 35 years and now North American readers will get the chance to read the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic as it was always intended... From Prog 1754, available from 19th October, earthlets in the US and Canada will... [read on]