Thursday 8th March 2012
2012 belongs to 2000 AD!
As it celebrates three and a half decades of some of the greatest comics of all time, 2000 AD is unleashing a flurry of top-notch thrills in graphic novel form into North America this year. The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic has lined up a sizzling schedu... [read on]
Wednesday 7th March 2012
Not-so-happy Father’s Day!
Awwww, what could be more touching that an estranged father and son getting to know each other better? Well, when that father is Dmitri Romanov and the son is Nikolai Dante, you know it’s going to be a bloody reunion… Will Dmitri be finally brought to vengeance for his crime... [read on]
Wednesday 29th February 2012
Dredd goes Android
Rebellion is to adapt its smash hit Judge Dredd vs. Zombies iOS game for the Android platform. In response to the game’s massive success on iPad and iPhone, as well as calls from Judge Dredd fans across the world, the Oxford-based studio has s... [read on]
Wednesday 29th February 2012
Diggle and Jock on target with first ever creator-owned work
The creative superteam of Andy Diggle and Jock are returning to the 2000 AD stable next month with their first creator-owned project together. Snapshot debuts in the Judge Dredd Megazine #322, on sale Wednesday 28 March in the UK and 11 April in North America. ... [read on]
Wednesday 29th February 2012
Return of the Wolf!
In the werewolf-infested woodlands of post-apocalyptic London, there stalks a legend… Yes, it’s another day of double-fisted Thrills, as 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine hit newsstands in the UK. In Prog 1772, Rowan returns in Age of the Wolf II: She is Legend by Alec Worle... [read on]
Wednesday 22nd February 2012
Happy birthday 2000 AD - from Simon Pegg and a special guest!
2000 AD's influence spans far and wide, Earthlets - even all the way to Hollywood! Squaxx Dek Thargo extraordinaire Simon Pegg, star Shaun of the Dead and Paul, has sent the Nerve Centre a special birthday message from the set of the latest Star Trek film. A big fan of 2000 AD, ... [read on]
Wednesday 22nd February 2012
The ultimate birthday present!
It's here, Earthlets - 48 pages of Thrill-power infused goodness that will leave you hungry for another 35 years! 2000 AD's 35th anniversary prog hits UK stores today with not one, but two variant covers - Chris Weston brings Brian Bolland's classic character ro... [read on]
Tuesday 21st February 2012
Watch out London - 2000 AD is going super!
The trailblazing British comic, 2000 AD, is attending the country’s newest comic book convention – the inaugural London Super Comic Convention will take place at the Excel Centre in London THIS WEEKEND (25th and 26th February). As well as the usual stall packed with Thrill-p... [read on]
Monday 20th February 2012
Happy birthday, 2000 AD!
In 1977, something amazing happened. All across the land the first issue of 2000 AD, dated 26th February, arrived in newsagents. And your world has never been the same since. Thirty-five years on and The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic is still going strong, still packed with top-not... [read on]
Tuesday 14th February 2012
The Call of the Wild
Release date: 15th March Price: £14.99 Territory: UK and Ireland ISBN: 978-1-907992-98-8 In the post-apocalyptic future, genetically-engineered animals fight giant insects to preserve the future of the world! From the pages of legendary British comic book... [read on]