Return of the Wolf!
Return of the Wolf!
"Rowan returns as a living legend in Age of the Wolf II"
In the werewolf-infested woodlands of post-apocalyptic London, there stalks a legend…

Yes, it’s another day of double-fisted Thrills, as 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine hit newsstands in the UK.

In Prog 1772, Rowan returns in Age of the Wolf II: She is Legend by Alec Worley and Jon Davis-Hunt. London, 2026. Ten years have passed since the world first found itself living under a permanent full moon as the result of an ancient prophecy, and the wolves emerged. Following Rowan Morrigan’s battle with Fenris, the capital has now succumbed to nature and the green is spreading across the land, human survivors forced into hiding by the lupine predators that stalk the city...

The Judges finally have Borisenko in their grasp but the sharp-tongued terrorist have the last laugh? Meanwhile, the Chaos virus continues to take hold of Mega-City One in Day of Chaos by John Wagner and Henry Flint.

You don’t get to be Tsar of all the Russias without being a bit ruthless and Dmitri shows no mercy, even to his daughter… so what is in store for Dante in The Wedding of Jena Makarov by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser?

Adam gets a close encounter with a naked Birdie – but is there an interloper in the room in Grey Area by Dan Abnett and Lee Harris?

And continuing our blasts from the past in honour of 35 years of Thrills, we ask ‘What If Max Bubba Hadn’t Killed Wulf?’ Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra revisit one off the most shocking moments in 2000 AD history. Would Alpha still be working with his partner in crime?

And in Judge Dredd Megazine 321, TV trash take on the law - is Judge Dredd, Daddy Dredd? Find out in The Guile Show by Robbie Morrison and Gary Erskine.

Meanwhile, in Armitage: The Underground by Dave Stone and Patrick Goddard, Dredd is unwillingly tied up on his latest mission – does this mean he’ll finally be pleased to have Armitage around?

Looks like the end of the road for the snatchers in American Reaper by Pat Mills and Clint Langley, and Strange and Darke are finding that not all country getaways are quaint in New Blood by John Smith and Colin MacNeil.

2000 AD Prog 1772 and Judge Dredd Megazine 321 hits the UK today, and North America on 14th March.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 29th February 2012