London’s Burning!
London’s Burning!
"Paranormal detective pelts down Pudding Lane as the past comes to life in Absalom!"
Forsooth! What sorcery is this?! The Great Fire of London brought to life in the modern day capital? It can only be the blazing amazingness (shush, it’s a perfectly cromulent word!) of Prog 1767, which hits UK stores today! Paranormal detective Absalom finds the Big Smoke lives up to its name and the past comes back to haunt him as he pursues more lines of enquiry in Ghosts of London by Gordon Rennie and TTiernan Trevallion.

The chaos begins as multiple nerve gas attacks grip the Meg – will the ensuing chaos allow the carriers of the doomsday virus to sneak in undetected? The tension ramps up a gear in Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction by John Wagner and Henry Flint.

As Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson’s Grey Area sees the ETA tea, deal with the music festival from hell, can Dante’s band of motley rebels save the day as his beloved Jena is forcibly taken up the aisle by his father? Nikolai Dante: The Wedding of Jena Makarov by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser continues.

And mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha may have miraculously returned from the grave, but there are plenty of people who’d like to put him back there – The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha by John Wagner, and Carlos and Hector Ezquerra takes another sinister turn!

Prog 1767. £2.35. Out now in the UK and on 8th February in North America. Don’t get burnt – buy it now!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 25th January 2012