Rising sun, flaming dinosaur
Rising sun, flaming dinosaur
"Things are ablaze as 2000 AD Prog 1784 and Judge Dredd Megazine 324 hit newsstands!"
From The Land That Time Forgot to The Land of the Rising Sun, the House of Tharg is ablaze with Thrill-power this week as 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine both hit newsstands and digital!

In Prog 1784, the plan may be to unleash Gorehead on New New York, but the beast has different ideas! Can anyone save Central Park from its giant visitor in Midnight Cowboys by Pat Mills and James McKay? Elsewhere, the slow, dangerous task of reclaiming the Big Meg begins with one block – Sam Wannamaker. But will it make a difference as Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil continues. In Terror Tales: Kitsuneland by Mark Harrison and Alec Worley, proves once and for all, never sneak into a haunted theme park in the dead of night, and the cadets have finally tracked Rey down, but will they be any match for his psi-prowess in Cadet Anderson Psi-Divison: Algoe Part One by Alan Grant and Steve Yeowell? Well my days! I can't believe my eyes! You just won't believe what the Zaucer has done! No really, you won't. You will just have to find out in The Zultan of Zilk in Brendan McCarthy and Al Ewing’s The Zaucer of Zilk.

Prog 1784 is available in UK stores TODAY and digitally this Friday from In Judge Dredd Megazine 384, Dredd uncovers the SECRET ORIGIN of Mega-City One’s top judicial super-team in The Adjudicators by Simon Spurrier and Carlos Ezquerra. The chase in on in Samizdat Squad by Arthur Wyatt and PJ Holden, but has the squad found refuge in the worst place possible? Talking of chases, Jake’s world has been turned upside down but will he run or take a bullet in Snapshot by Andy Diggle and Jock? And in Hondo-City Justice: Project Behemoth by Robbie Morrison, Mike Collins, Cliff Robinson and James Offredi, things are not what they seem to Inspector Inaba and her cadet Asahara…

All this plus Interrogation questions Steve Pugh, we take a look at Batman: Death by Design, and Alec Worley writes his first new Judge Dredd short story.

Megazine #324 is available now from all good Thrill-merchants!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 23rd May 2012