The ultimate birthday present!
The ultimate birthday present!
"Bumper 48-page Prog celebrates 35 zarjaz years!"
It's here, Earthlets - 48 pages of Thrill-power infused goodness that will leave you hungry for another 35 years!

2000 AD's 35th anniversary prog hits UK stores today with not one, but two variant covers - Chris Weston brings Brian Bolland's classic character roster picture bang up to date with some of the Thrills from the past 10 years, while 2000 AD legend Mick McMahon has been given generous permission to render the visage of Tharg the Mighty himself in loving detail. Which cover will YOU choose?

Inside, the deadly Chaos Virus has infiltrated Mega-City One. Will Borisenko tell Dredd the cure or will he have to be more… persuasive in Day of Chaos by John Wagner and Henry Flint?

The wedding may be over but the battles just begun as The Revolutionary Army face the infamous Order of the Dragon in The Wedding of Jena Makarov by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser.

Primal nasties are spilling out to wreak havoc on London and it seems this time, Absalom’s team won’t be saving the day in Ghosts of London by Gordon Rennie and Tiernan Trevallion.

There are ghost ships in Grey Area by Dan Abnett and Lee, as a Segquentian Freighter docks with its entire crew missing.

Johnny Alpha has tracked down Doctor Wiloby to learn genocide is a dish best served cold in The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

And to mark this gafflebette birthday, Tharg present TWO special one-off tales, featuring the talents of Pat Mills, Henry Flint, Andy Diggle and Colin Wilson - grab yourself a copy NOW to discover what these top droids have cooked up to celebrate the third and a half decade of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic!

It's the birthday prog to end all birthday progs, Earthlets. Grab yourself a copy of Prog 1771 and say 'happy birthday' to 2000 AD!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 22nd February 2012