Konnichiwa, earthlets! Prog 1752 hits stores today!
Konnichiwa, earthlets! Prog 1752 hits stores today!
"Stunning Low Life cover by D’Israeli as Dirty Frank lands in Japan!"

Konnichiwa, earthlets!

After hitting Hondo City (or rather its pavement, head first) can Dirty Frank survive the hit and run, and continue his quest to find his friend and Wally Squad comrade Aimee Nixon? Low Life: The Deal by Rob Williams and D’Israeli continues…

Barely able to speak after being stabbed in the throat, Judge Dredd finds himself at the Academy for Downtime by Mike Carroll and Ben Willsher, with colours by Chris Blythe.

What lurks beyond this thin tissue of existence? Cthulu tentacles, that’s what! Already captured by the Russians, Ampney Crucis must now watch as they break through the wall between dimensions in The English Assassin by Ian Edginton and Simon Davies.

Ever felt that reality is a thin tissue of lies? Yeah, pretty much. John Smith’s mind-meddling Indigo Prime continues its journey through the multiverse, but who is the Nihilist? Luscious art by Edmund Bagwell.

A peaceful life in a small town? Not for Maggie – she’s too busy defending herself from a rabid dog and its psychopathic blind owner. Just what secrets is she hiding? Angel Zero by Kek-W and John Burns steps into high gear!

Prog 1752, earthlets. £2.25 from all good newsagents and online. If you don’t want it then, quite Dirty Frankly, there’s something wrong with you...

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 21st September 2011