Sex Olympics? Mafia hits? Get stuffed!
Sex Olympics? Mafia hits? Get stuffed!
"Welcome to the world of The Taxidermist!"
Only in the insane world of Mega-City One would competitive human taxidermy be an Olympic sport, but in John Wagner's classic The Taxidermist, aging Jacob Sardini is its greatest star!

It's 2116 and the Mega-Olympics have come to Katmandu and all the great sports of the 22nd century are represented - insulting, staring, housework, mountaineering, sex and of course human taxidermy.
But Sardini's talents aren't just in demand for the sports arena - shady mobsters and political monsters have him in their sights to help with a little stuffing of their own!

One of the classic strips from the pages of 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine - and collected for the very first time - The Taxidermist is a combination of mafia caper, a witty satire on the politics of sport, and a heart-warming tale of a proud old man who just happens to stuff people for a living.

With amazing artwork from fan favourites Ian Gibson, Trevor Hairsine and Cam Kennedy, The Taxidermist is 2000 AD at its very best - wondrous, weird and witty.

The Taxidermist
Written by John Wagner
Art by Cam Kennedy, Trevor Hairsine and Ian Gibson
17 March 2011 - £14.99 (UK)
ISBN 978-1-907519-84-0


Michael Molcher

Thursday 17th February 2011