Quit Bugging Me!
Quit Bugging Me!
"Artist Chris Weston covers 2000 AD Prog 1760 in creepy crawlies!"
It’s a sick, sick world, earthlets – or at least it is when you’re a member of Indigo Prime!

Yes, it’s a Wednesday so it means another pulse-pounding prog – and this one’s full of creeping nasties as Mariah finds Spacesick Steve in a diseased world of his own making. But it isn’t just a plague of ten foot bugs he’s brought with him to the quarantined planet in Indigo Prime by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell.

Elsewhere in Prog 1760, Psi-cadet Hennessy’s predictions are spot on and played out in gruesome detail in this weeks’ Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos – The Assassination List by John Wagner, Leigh Gallagher and Chris Blyth.

Ampney Crucis is jolly relieved to be safe and sound on a Royal Air Corps Dreadnought but it looks like he’s further from home than he thinks in Assassin by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis

Maggie Roth faces another angel and what does an angel do when they have no command? Emergency Protocol Overide – Kill Everyone in Angel Zero by Kek-W and John Burns.

And Dirty Frank is still giggling and embracing minor hallucinations rather than dealing with the crippling pain of reality in Low Life: The Deal by Rob Williams and D’Israeli.

Prog 1760. Out today. £2.25. You need this in your life, earthlets. NEED IT!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 16th November 2011