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2000 AD Prog 1751
2000 AD Prog 1751
"Meet the mysterious Angel Zero ..."
The world managed to survive the unleashing of the epic Prog 1750 last week, earthlets – but can it survive just Thrill-powered heights again?!

Let’s hope so, because Prog 1751 hits UK stores TODAY and contains a blistering array of pulsating thrills, including the brand new Angel Zero by Kek-W and John Burns. Maggie is a woman with a secret – and can the residents of the sleepy off-world town of McLuhan survive it when that secret comes back to haunt her?

Meanwhile, Mega-City One retaliates against the conspirators in Judge Dredd: The Fourth Faction, Ampney Crucis discovers that inter-dimensional doors sswing BOTH ways, Indigo Prime have their hands full with the multiverse swirling around them and Dirty Frank heads for Hondo City in Low Life: The Deal!

Prog 1751. £2.25 from all good newsagents – you wants it earthlets, YOU WANTS IT!

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 13th September 2011