A Kick(starter) to the Dredd!
A Kick(starter) to the Dredd!
"Kickstarter for Judge Dredd miniatures game has just three days left!"
It's now the final few days of the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarte, Earthlets - and 'stretch goals' have been dropping left, right and centre! Now there's two new sets that should have you reaching for your payment details!

The Citi-Def Squad set already includes Medic, Officer and Spit Gun-armed Soldiers. To that, we can now add the two Heavy Weapons guys (one with a Missile Launcher, the other with a swappable Heavy Spit Gun or the Laser Cannon shown here), a Soldier blazing away with two Spit Pistols (emulating his favourite Tri-D action vid hero!) and the Jaeger Commando - ready to creep about the battlefield and get up to no good! More models are already in development.

Those of you who have been collecting the Judge Dredd miniatures range for a while will have no need of introduction for Shane Hoyle (Mr Shane Hoyle, once you get to see his work up close). He is the gentleman responsible for the Ape Gang, Judges Dekker, Inaba, Caligula, and many others in the range. 2000AD stories fill his soul, and this becomes very apparent once you see his work - his models just ooze the spirit of the comic strips.

From left to right, top to bottom, the first is going to be a favourite for many - Judge Death himself, joined by Judge Mortis. The other Dark Judges are also in progress, and these guys are destined to be a force to reckon with on the tabletop!

Next to them is, of course, Nemesis the Warlock (with Grobbendonk). Now, this doesn't actually have anything to do with this Kickstarter, but we thought that, even as a Work in Progress, this was such a lovely model, we just had to show you! We are pleading with Shane to finish this one so we can get it to all of you, but it is likely to be a while. Consider this a cruel tease!

On the bottom row, there is a brand new Klegg in the offing, with a choice of head. Next to him, a new street Judge that will be another that can take a variety of weapons - more information on what those will be at a later date. Regretfully, while Judge Death and his cohorts are part of this Kickstarter, these two models will not be (there is only so much time to get these prepped and done, and the priority is for the stretch goals you chaps have already passed!). However, there will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands on them at a later date.

Do not be too depressed about that though - last up is a picture of a fully painted Walter the Wobot, who will be coming to a great many of you as part of your pledge rewards! This is actually not a Shane model, but it seemed a shame not to squeeze him in. Modelled in 3D by Sandrine Thirache (sat behind the Manta Prowl Tank and Pat Wagons), it has been given the master touch by Ari Nielsson.

Michael Molcher

Thursday 11th October 2012