She knows what you're thinking!
She knows what you're thinking!
"New Judge Anderson book collects never reprinted stories"
Judge Anderson: The Psi Files 02
Out on 16th February
ISBN 978-1-907992-54-4

She’s the foremost female character in British comics and now Judge Cassandra Anderson returns with a brand new collection – including stories that have never been reprinted before!

Judge Anderson: The Psi Files 02 is a new collection of short stories from 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, following the cases and travels of the psychic crimefighter from the pages of Judge Dredd.

The follow-up to the best seller Judge Anderson: The Psi Files 01 begins with the stunning Shamballa – with gorgeous artwork by Arthur Ranson – in which Anderson must travel to the roof of the world to try and stop the psychic apocalypse.

She then must deal with mutant vampires in old New York and investigate unimaginably ancient ruins on the face of Mars, before exploring the outer fringes of the galaxy in a search for meaning. But wherever she goes, Cassandra Anderson is sure to find trouble.

Written by Alan Grant (Batman, Strontium Dog) and with art from Kev Walker (L.E.G.I.O.N., Marvel Zombies), Arthur Ranson (Button Man, Mazeworld), Ian Gibson (Halo Jones, Judge Dredd) and David Roach (Batman, Star Wars), this is a rich and involving collection of tales that not only thrill, but explore ideas of love, grief and loss that are all too often ignored in action comics.

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 10th January 2012