Bloody Christmas!
Bloody Christmas!
"Abnett and Williams discuss Sinister Dexter’s Yuletide romp in Prog 2012"
On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... 4 Strontium Dogs, 3 Dictators of Zrag, 2 Art Droids and a Mek-Quake chewing on me.

Yes earthlets, we continue our traipse through the tinsel for the 12 Days of Thargmas with another glimpse into the Santa’s sack that is Prog 2012.’s Ed Kaye today talks to writer Dan Abnett and artist Anthony Williams about their festive Sinister Dexter tale for the Christmas prog.

2000 AD: We recently found out that while Ray & Finny had destroyed the portal to the alternate universe Downlode, it was too late to save their own reality. What is their reaction to his revelation?

Dan: They’re out to hunt down the doppelgangers who have invaded Downlode’s reality... it’s basically an act of bloody revenge in a dying universe, but there is still a chance they can save everything.

2000 AD: Due to the presence of otherworldly doppelgängers, Ray & Finny's world has begun to fall apart at the seams? How have you tried to reflect this visually?

Anthony: Way back when the dopple Philly O 'Fish was brought from his world I used a different colour palette with very muted colours which worked in a way I thought was effective. It may be interesting to explore the possibilities of the degradation of Ray and Finny's world by playing with page layouts and inking styles. Hmmm, you've got me thinking now. Mind you, the Christmas story is relentless and jumps from location to location at a break neck speed, which offered loads of opportunities to play with the colours and lighting.

2000 AD: What was your favourite thing to write or illustrate on this story?

Dan: The story builds up to a pay-off 10-pager in Prog 2012, which has got some awesome ‘Christmas Presents’ in it for 2K fans :)

Anthony: I can honestly say this is the most fun I've had illustrating Ray and Finny. Dan is always a great writer to draw for, but this ten pager is an artist's dream from my point of view. I really wish I could talk about the stuff I got to draw but it would be impossible not to stray into spoiler territory. The highlight for me is page 6. I never thought I'd get to draw that!

Prog 2012. £4.50. 14th December. Ho ho ho yes.

Michael Molcher

Thursday 8th December 2011