Guided by Voices!
Guided by Voices!
"But just what is whispering in Alpha's ear, as Prog 1769 goes on sale!"
The Judges have locked down Mega-City One, but is the quarantine as secure as they think? Day of Chaos by John Wagner and Henry Flint continues as the ETA takes action on noisy neighbours in rey Area by Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson.

Meanwhile, Dante's may still plan to stop the wedding of his beloved, but will the guns of the Imperial Palace put a stop to the attack of his forces? The Wedding of Jena Makarov by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser steps closer to its bloody climax. Meanwhile, Absalom tracks down the man behind the psychic disturbances in Ghosts of London by Gordon Rennie and Tiernan Trevallion, but has the detective reckoned on getting involved in a much older fight?

And the plot thickens in The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha, as the mutant bounty hunter begins to unravel the plot that means his return from the grave has been anything but smooth! And what are the strange instructions Johnny keeps hearing? SFX 'Lifetime Achievement Award' winners John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra continue the saga of one of their greatest creations.

Prog 1769 is on sale in the UK today, Earthlets - and in North America on 22nd February.

Listen to the voices in your head - buy it now!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 8th February 2012