Meet Judge Bod!
Meet Judge Bod!
"YouTube mash-up gives a double hit of Brit childhood nostalgia!"
As the world prepares to see Dredd on the big screen, with Karl Urban as the eponymous lawman, we return to a by-gone age to see Dredd’s first appearance on TV … or is it?

A cunning YouTube mash-up sees Judge Dredd mixed with children’s TV show Bod. The show, originally created by Joanna and Michael Cole, ran from 1975 to 1984. This modern take sees the Lawman of the Future encounter his old enemies, The Angel Gang and The Dark Judges, before dispensing some non-child-friendly justice!

“For some reason the phrase "here comes Dredd" just popped in to my head last week so I scrawled down Dredd/Bod and forgot about it,” said Chris Ollis, the man behind the video. “I had some time free yesterday, saw the bit of paper and thought how hard can it be? It's deliberately crudely done to match the old ‘70s kid show style but with modern tools - vector drawing package and Adobe Premiere CS5.
“I've a lifelong love of Dredd and Co, all the way back to picking up copies of 2000 AD and Star Lord as an impressionable 5 year old in the late 70s. I've been drawing and animating him off and on in various formats throughout my life.
“Oh, and I was briefly an art droid! I helped out a friend (Lee Garbett) colouring in his fantastic line art for Simon Spurrier's London Falling story.”

Chris’ work can be viewed at and as well as on YouTube at As 2000 AD approaches its 35th birthday, let us know of any more cunning YouTube mash-ups featuring characters from Tharg’s mighty organ!

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 7th February 2012