Winner Takes It All!
Winner Takes It All!
"Who will be the winners of the coveted Krill Tro Thargo awards?"
Tharg the Judgemental wishes to know who amongst the people of Earth is mighty enough to earn ... THE ULTIMATE PRIZE!

All loyal readers are known as ‘Squaxx dek Thargo’, or ‘Friends of Tharg’, but few achieve the highest level of praise from the all-powerful editor of 2000 AD: The Krill Tro Thargo!

The Krill Tro Thargo award has long been coveted by readers of 2000 AD as the ultimate accolade awarded by Tharg the Mighty himself to those earthlets whose work to spread the word of Thrill-power has reached levels above and beyond the call of duty. Previously awarded through the letters page of 2000 AD, the title has taken on new life as a physical award!

The winners of the first Krill Tro Thargo awards will be announced at the Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds on 19th and 20th November.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, earthlets! Spread the word of 2000 AD today!

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 4th October 2011