Every master has his apprenticeship...
Every master has his apprenticeship...
"Brand new North American edition of Alan Moore’s Future Shocks"
Before Watchmen, before V for Vendetta and before From Hell – the earliest works of the master of the comic book form, Alan Moore, are being brought together in a brand new collection.

The most famous and celebrated writer in contemporary comics, Moore’s work redefined comics around the world. But he cut his teeth and got his break working on five page self-contained tales for legendary British title, 2000 AD.

This extraordinary volume of Moore’s short stories perfectly showcases his developing mastery of the form. Such has been the demand that this edition has gone to reprint before it has even hit shelves.
This new North American collection, wrapped in a stunning new cover by Henry Flint, features artwork from many comic book legends such as Dave Gibbons, Bryan Talbot, Alan Davis, Ian Gibson, Steve Dillon, Brendan McCarthy, Paul Neary and John Higgins.

Moore’s other writing for 2000 AD included the celebrated classic The Ballad of Halo Jones and the outrageously funny D.R. and Quinch.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 2nd November 2011